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In some states, ignition interlock devices are mandatory after every DUI conviction. Some other states allow ignition interlock devices as an alternative to a license suspension or license revocation. Several different situations exist where a driver might either be required or permitted to have an ignition interlock device installed in his or her car. Ignition interlock laws vary greatly from state to state, and the legislation is constantly changing. It is therefore very important that you consult with attorneys at Everett Law Firm, P.A. for more specific information on the laws in in South Carolina and how they might affect you.

What is an ignition interlock device?

An ignition interlock device is a device similar to a portable breath test that measures a driver's breath alcohol (BAC) level and renders a motor vehicle immobile if the driver is at a blood alcohol content level greater than allowed in the state. In South Carolina, the highest allowed BAC level is 0.08 before the driver is considered to be driving under the influence and can receive a DUI if stopped by the police.

How do ignition interlock devices work?

Before the driver can start the car ignition, a sample breath test must be given. If the breath test displays that the driver has a measurable amount of alcohol in their system (usually between .02 and .04 %), the ignition interlock device prevents the engine from being started. Only when an alcohol-free sample is given will the driver be able to start teh car. The majority of ignition interlock devices also ask for supplemental alcohol breath tests at random periods while the vehicle is running. Therefore, the driver much not only do a blood alcohol test to start the car, but must also have to have a alcohol breath test periodically to keep the car running. This system is in place to prevent someone who is sober from starting the car for other drunk drivers.

If at any time during the drive a breath test is not given, or the driver's blood alcohol content is over the limit, the car will not simply just shut off. Instead, an alarm will be triggered, and the car will flash its lights or honk its horn until the engine is turned off. Failure to provide a valid breath test will be logged by the interlock device. The log will be printed or downloaded every 30 or 60 days. If there are any ignition interlock device violations they will be reported in the log and will result in additional penalties.

How much do ignition interlock devices cost?

Ignition interlock devices must be purchased or rented from private companies, and they usually cost anywhere from $65 - $100+ per month. Some companies charge additional fees for installation, and often a deposit is required. There might be additional fees for things such as maintenance and calibration, as well as the transmittal of the information to the DMV. DUI offenders that are ordered by the court to install the device usually must pay for their own ignition interlock costs.

Can the ignition interlock device be bypassed?

Some devices may be bypassed by certain mechanical methods. However, success in doing so is likely a self-defeating proposition because the machine registers attempts to bypass, which are then automatically reported by the interlock company to the state motor vehicle agency. This can then, in turn, add additional periods of interlock requirement. In other words, not a smart thing to try.

Now, why might you need an ignition interlock after a DUI, and for how long?

Interlocks after convictions:

The most common and basic way to be required to have an ignition interlock device is by getting a DUI conviction in a state where ignition interlocks are mandatory. How long you will be required to have one installed is likely to increase with the severity of your offense or other aggravating factors, such as if you are a repeat offender. The interlock may be required as part of your punishment or your probation.

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Violation of Running Re-Test with BAC of .02 or



Violation of Running Re-Test with BAC of .02 to
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Violation of Running Re-Test with BAC of .04 to
Less Than .15



Violation of Running Re-Test with BAC of .15 or



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