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If you have been charged or cited for Driving While Impaired (DWI) or Driving Under the Influence (DUI), the attorneys at Everett Law Firm will meticulously evaluate the facts and circumstances surrounding your DWI / DUI case to insure you the best possible outcome.

Among the many factors that Everett Law Firm's attorneys evaluate and challenge are: 1) whether or not you were legally detained and arrested, 2) the amount of time which passed between the when you were arrested for your DWI / DUI and when you were tested for alcohol or drugs, and 3) whether or not the person was given a written copy of and verbally informed of the rights enumerated under South Carolina Code and that this was video taped for your later review. Most importantly, our attorneys, when examining your DWI / DUI citation, will make sure that you properly consented to a test of the breath, that the test was properly administered by a person authorized to test the breath for DUI / DWI purposes, and that the machine was properly calibrated and tested before use in accordance with South Carolina DUI and DWI Code.

The breath test calibration is conducted using an eight one-hundredths of one percent simulator test and the result must reflect a reading between 0.076 percent and 0.084 percent. Under these test conditions it is possible that a reading as high as .083 may actually be under the proscribed legal limit of .08.

You should be aware that every little detail of your behavior from the moment you were brought to the officer's attention to the moment you were released from jail may be admissible in a court of law. Some of the evidence that may have been collected against you that you may not even be aware of are items such as the number of seconds it took for you to pull your car over to the side of the road, to the number of feet from a lane of traffic you stopped, to the many multi-tasking tests that you were unknowingly subjected to by that officer.

When the officer asked you over and over again whether you had anything to drink that night, did you ever once respond, "yes?" The officer probably made you feel like honesty was the best policy and that he would take it easy on you if you just told him "yes." That's not at all what he was doing. He was collecting evidence against you. Indeed, officers have video cameras rolling the entire time in order to present the tape as evidence to the courts and testing facilities are video taping you at all times. See

All of these will be admitted as evidence against you without the proper assistance of Everett Law Firm's DUI / DWI attorneys. When the police officer has the entire weight of the State of South Carolina backing him up, don't you think you could use the talented and dedicated DUI / DWI criminal defense attorneys from the Everett Law Firm on your side? Contact us today, by email or toll-free by phone at (800) 942-8048.

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